Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Goodbyes and Celebrations

Last weekend Bryant went with his friend Dave and my cousin, Tyson to Moab. Tyson conquered his first mountain bike ride ever by riding Porcupine Rim Trail, which is over 30 miles long! He was beat up and quite soar, but I am so proud of him for trying! In the spirit of the McClures and the mantra I have heard millions of times from my family members, I have five words for him, "get back on the horse."

While Bryant was away, I filled my weekend by spending time with old a new friends. Friday night I went to a bbq at a colleagues house to say goodbye to a couple we have been able to spend some time with in both Italy and Aspen. Georgia and Samuella were with us for part of our honeymoon in Tuscany and they recently returned to Aspen so Georgia could work out of the local Timbers Club office for a couple of months. We have really enjoyed seeing them, but hopefully we will have an opportunity to visit them this fall in Italy. They announced they will be getting married in Tuscany over Thanksgiving!

Saturday I got a much needed pedicure and that evening attended a bridal shower for a good friend from church. It was so fun to spend an evening with ladies from our church. My favorite part of the event was when we each went around the room and gave a 1 word piece of advice. We heard everything from "date," to "lingerie" (from our pastor's wife!) to "forgive." It was really special. Bryant and I will go to Colorado Springs for Nathan and Lauren's wedding May 31st. We are really excited!

Sunday I went to church by myself. This can often be a intimidating, however soon after I sat down, I heard a pssstttt, and turned around to see the Waldron family was sitting right behind me. I moved over and joined them for the rest of the service. We had a guest speaker this week who gave a really inspiring message on success vs. failure and how as Christians, no matter how low we fall, or how many times we may fail, always have hope as our hope is in the Lord.

After church the Waldron's invited me on a bike ride with them. We rode from Woody Creek to Carbondale and had brunch at my new favorite spot, "Ella." The ride was a lot of fun and the weather was absolutely perfect.

Next weekend I am heading to my parent's house in eastern Washington State to help celebrate my Grandpa Mac's 80th birthday. It is just my brother, Trevor and I travelling, and I am sure we will have a lot of crazy stories to tell when we get back as there is rarely a dull moment when our extended family gets together.

This picture was taken on a drive home from work last week. I truly believe I have the most beautiful commute in the world!!!

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