Monday, April 14, 2008

The perfect weekend? Possibly.

This was the last weekend of ski season for both Aspen and Snowmass. Saturday Bryant and I said goodbye to what could have been one of the best snow seasons of our lives. We did a couple of laps on the Headwall on Snowmass and the snow was light and fluffy, not soft and slushy, which is typical in April. What a day!

Saturday night we went to a make your own pizza dinner party at my brother's house in Basalt and enjoyed the company of 2 other couples we all know from church. It was a blast!

Sunday we all went to church and while the men discussed various plans to ski or ride, the ladies cooked up a plan to drive to the outlet mall in Silverthorn. For 4 women cooped up in the pretentious shopping of Aspen all winter, this was the perfect escape! We had an awesome time laughing and talking on the drive and shopping when we finally got to our destination. We went to a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant for dinner, which was great too!

Yesterday marked the end of winter for many locals. Highlands will remain open for 2 more weekends, but I have a feeling our skis will be replaced by our bikes before Saturday. Summer is almost here!!!

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