Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday Mornings as a Woody Creature

Bryant and I live in a tiny little town about 10 minutes down valley from Aspen called Woody Creek. It consists of the famous Woody Creek Tavern (frequented by the late Hunter S. Thompson), a post office, fire station and the most recent addition: The Woody Creek Store. Although, the store isn't "brand new." In fact, it was a hot spot for many years. However, it closed over a year ago, prior to our down valley move, due to a lack of funding. We had no idea what we were missing.

This past winter the proprietors raised enough money to completely remodel the interior of the store and build a meeting venue for the Woody Creek Caucus, which meets the last Thursday of every month.

Bryant and I live about half a mile from the store and on our way home from skiing last week we decided to stop by for a latte'. What a wonderful surprise! The store reminds me of a coffee shop in a small town in Washington like Winthrop. They sell local farm fresh eggs, all of their pastries are organic and fresh and they do a wonderful job with their lattes'. I forgot to mention that because it is our version of a town hall, it is non-profit, so their coffee is really reasonably priced. Especially when you consider that dropping $5 on a latte in Aspen isn't unusual.

These pictures were taken last Saturday when we walked to the store with Mali.

Next time you visit, expect to eat breakfast at our new "hot spot!"

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