Friday, April 11, 2008

It is basically February on the slopes...

Despite it being April 11th, the skiing conditions are unbelievable! For the second time in April we have recieved over 37" on the Aspen area ski slopes this week and it is still snowing. I took this picture from my new office (I just moved desks for a better view) just to show you how crazy the weather is. A typical spring in Aspen is really warm, sunny days and cooler nights. We get sunny days sporatically, but most days have looked like this. The bummer is that 3 of our major ski areas are closing this Sunday. Highlands will be open for 2 more weekends.

We are more than ready to get our bikes out and get back on the road...better yet, we are ready to put the boat in the water and start skiing again.

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