Wednesday, November 26, 2008

19 Weeks! Almost Half Way There!

Today I am 19 weeks pregnant and can hardly believe it! For the most part I feel great, with a few minor exceptions. I have been hiking quite a bit this week with different girlfriends, which has been really fun. I feel really strong, but I can also tell I am getting bigger. Per my midwife and Amy Jo's suggestions I started taking papaya enzyme pills for my heartburn which has all but eliminated it! I can even drink oj minutes before bed time and not suffer the consequences.

Two nights ago I had the first mid night snack cravings of my life. I was laying in bed half asleep and suddenly sat up, starving. I went downstairs and got a quick snack, and was just fine. I woke up the next morning laughing at myself.

This week, jelly bean is the size of a large mango, about 6" long from crown to rump. I can finally feel a little movement now and then when I lay down and really pay attention to my belly (and usually after a sugar jolt from a big glass of oj). Bryant always puts his hand on my belly and tries to feel something, but hasn't been successful yet. We are hoping for external movement in the next couple weeks. For more on baby this week, visit, What to Expect When Expecting: Week 19.

Next Thursday we have our big ultrasound appointment. We are so excited, not only to hopefully find out the sex of the baby, but to be reassured that everything is healthy and growing as it should be.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support. I will update the blog if anything exciting happens before then.


B, B, B & Baby

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Coleson's Blog said...

I took Papaya too! Did it turn your pee red? :) Bummer for me it didnt even help a little... :( glad it did for you! Yay for almost half way!!!!