Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Week 18...Already?!

I have a prenatal yoga dvd I do on occasion at home. They have three pregnant woman participating in the program, all at different stages of pregnancy. One is at 18 weeks, the other at 25 and the instructor is about to pop at 37 weeks. I remember watching it and thinking, "wow, that woman is 18 weeks pregnant and look how much she is showing!" And now, here I am starting week 18. Last night I took a quick swig of oj before leaving the house and immediately felt like I swallowed a lit match. For one who has never experienced heartburn before, this is going to be a tough symptom to swallow, literally. All in all, I feel great. I can feel my stomach muscles stretching out, especially around my belly button where I had my surgery last year. Last night when I got into bed, it felt like my stomach breathed a huge sigh of relief from being tossed about all day.

Today I went on a hike at lunch with the girls from work. I felt really strong on the hike, which was encouraging as I haven't kept my activity level as high as I had hoped in the early days of pregnancy. The great news is that ski season officially starts next week, and I am really looking forward to (carefully) hitting the slopes this year. It will definitely be all about moderation, but there is nothing like a great day of skiing to drag you out of the warm house to tone your quads. And, I can officially then say that the baby started skiing 3 years before I did! :)

This week Jelly Bean is 5.5 inches long, and believe it or not, their little home (my uterus) is the size of a cantaloupe! They learn how to yawn this week, which I think is the cutest thing imaginable. For more details on the life of baby Ragan use the following link: Baby Ragan Week 18


Katie said...

Hey there,
I'm up with pregnancy insomnia right now...eating turkey, cheese and edamome that a pregnancy thing to do, or what!

I always have horrible heart burn too. I think chewing spiriment gum helps. Gum is supposed to help keep your stomach acid down. Hopefully it will let up!
When is your ultrasound again? Mine is a day away now, I'm sooo excited!

Coleson's Blog said...

Oh the heartburn!! I had that sooooo bad and the old wives tale proved true-Coleson had a TON of hair!! Hang in there with started about then with me too. It's really miserable. I spent many a nights wide awake because I could not sleep with the feel of heart burn and vomit sitting in my throat. ugh. I took Gaviscon every night before bed (a little stronger than tums) and they usually helped me fall asleep. Try to avoid chocolate, coffee, things like Oj :) ....etc. all are triggers. Like your friend suggested gum helps... hope you are faring well!