Wednesday, January 19, 2011

37.5 Weeks...(I hope I don't bore you too bad...)

...and nothing new to report other than we had rain in Woody Creek a couple days ago (so very odd for this time of year) and now it is finally back to snowing.  But, aside from the weather, there really is nothing new to report with the pregnancy.  I had an appointment with my midwife today and my trusty, amazing doula (and sister in law), Amy Jo came with me.  It was fun to chat about our birthplan with Nancy and it did get me a little more excited about the delivery.  I have been warned by both of them it is high time I start packing my things for the hospital because second deliveries are typically pretty fast. (I love that they keep speaking that over me!)  So, I will pull out the bag and at least lay it on the floor to start tossing things into as I think of it.  So much different than my first pregnancy... I am pretty sure I was packed by a week ago and ready, just in case...such a rookie move! :)

A couple from our marriage group and church had their baby boy this weekend and it made me excited that we are going to be joining them in the second time parent club in a couple of weeks, too!  They found out they were pregnant after us, but she was more pregnant than me at the time! 

I have been drinking raspberry leaf tea because there are rumors it makes labor shorter and easier.  I am all for that! 

We have a busy week next week, so #38 should hopefully fly by...although nothing could possibly creep by slower than my first pregnancy!

Oh and our Brooks is still getting more delicious by the day!  He is saying so much and understands an amazing amount.  He is great about saying please (with hands desperately clasped below his chin) and thank you and when he calls the dog, Mali it sounds like Wayi, which really sounds like Hawaii, so we dream of the beach quite a bit... especially because my best friend from childhood and her family are moving to Kona in a couple of weeks! 

Until I have something more exciting to report about my pregnancy...

Becs & The Boys

An oldy, but so cute I had to share it again.

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The Watsons said...

Such a cutie! I know he is growing way too fast...especially when you take a look back at older pictures. :( Can't wait to know Caleb has arrived!!!