Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 38 Baby "Not" News

It is me again, updating you, my dear family and friends who are anxious to hear about the arrival of Caleb, to tell you that he is safe and clearly comfortable in the womb and doesn't want to be exposed too early to the freezing Aspen air.

We had another great yet uneventful appointment with our uneventful she gave us the green light to go to Denver Friday night (a four hour drive over two 10,000ft+ passes) for a pending business meeting Bryant is trying to schedule.  She did feel around my blossoming belly to see if she could guess on his weight and at 38+ weeks she thinks he is about 6lbs and if he is born on/around his due date, he won't be the 8lb 6oz his beasty brother was at birth.  (thank you, Lord!)

I am still ok with the non news, although, sometimes when my hips feel like they are 95 years old and my back aches as I lay in bed with insomnia, I get a little twinge of hope that something will happen and he will at least figure out which way is "out" so he can start heading (pun heavily intended) in that direction. (to be clear, he is head down, but he needs to move down).

Today is toddler gym class for Brookser and I, and I will be bouncing on the trampolines with him... Maybe gravity will be my friend! :)

Until then though, we are soaking up every cuddle and tickle bug fight we can with our Brooks because we know that although they will still be regular occurances, his life is going to change pretty drastically, pretty soon.

Thanks for your prayers and support... I really am doing my best to keep my head and smile up and it hasn't been too hard to do so thus far!  At the most, I will only be pregnant 23 more days and that is if I go until February 19th...12 days past my due date... no, thank you. :)  This time, I am bound and determined not to do any of the drastic at home induction methods, but let things happen on their own, in God's timing...which is always perfect.


Becs & the boys


Coleson & Tate said...

haha, try jumping to a "beastly" 9 pounds 3 ounces, 22 inches! LOL I hope you are spared! :) Good head on your shoulders...the second time there is no rush-for sure! :)

The Watsons said...

Awwww.....yes, God's timing is definitely always perfect, but for your sake, I hope His timing is SOON. :) I can't wait to hear he is here!! Anyhow, thinking of you lots, and in the meantime, I am really enjoying your blogs. You are one sweet momma, girl!