Sunday, January 16, 2011


We had the wonderful opportunity to take advantage of a silent auction item we won last summer just before Caleb arrives. Trevor and Amy Jo watched Brooks for the night (my first night in 21 months without him!) while Bryant and I went to a tiny (really, really tiny) town in southwestern Colorado called Gateway. In the mid 1990s an adventurous millionaire visited this one horse town and had the vision of creating a world class adventure destination. What has become of it is a 50ish room hotel/resort on a huge piece of property that caters to pretty much any desert adventure you can dream of from flying bi planes through red rock canyons to 4x4 jeep rides in and around canyons and cliffs, it is an incredible facility.

We happened to be there in the offest of off seasons, which was perfect for us. We prayed on the long drive down for favor at check in and a random upgrade, and God is so good, we got both. I think we were one of two rooms in the entire resort. We ate at the only restaurant open for all meals and the rest of the time enjoyed being still and not chasing a toddler around or wondering what he was getting into. It was amazing. We watched movies, read and prayed together. And despite warnings that I might not, I slept like a baby. There was no pressure to get out and do anything because there was absolutely nothing going on.

It was the perfect retreat before we welcome another infant into our lives.

I am 37 weeks tomorrow and still feeling great, although getting more easily exhausted by the day. Somehow, after just curling my hair for church today I had to take a little rest. Shoo. Where did the energy go?

Brooks is doing awesome and getting bigger by the day. Amy Jo took some new pictures of him while he was at her house this weekend and he just looks so grown up and delicious. I love that boy. It is hard to imagine having equal love for another little man, but I know it will happen as soon as we meet him. Brooks is saying so much and talks (jabbers) all of the time with such confidence. If only I knew what he was saying, I bet we could solve the world's problems together.


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