Thursday, January 20, 2011

Toddler Gym!

I have had such a bad memory lately, I think Caleb is sucking all of the nutrients that should be going to my brain.  That being said, I keep forgetting my camera, and on gorgeous, fun days like today, that is a big bummer!

Brooks and I were invited to try out a class at our local gymnastics club for parents and toddlers.  I can't believe we didn't go sooner!  It was such a blast!  They have a dozen different trampolines, a bunch of soft bouncy blocks and fun things to climb on and jump off of, and a big parachute to play on and under.  Brooks had an absolute ball.  So did I!  Not only was it so fun to watch him play with the other munchkins, but I knew so many of the parents I was able to do a little socializing too, which is so nice since we have been pretty house bound lately.

I have a feeling we will be frequenting this class, even after Caleb arrives.  It will be a good way for LB to get out and play with the big kids.

I will do my best to remember my camera next time because it was so darn cute to watch him have such a blast!

Now, it is extreme nap time for both him and me.  Shoo, it is hard work growing a human! :)  And because I was asked at least 20 times today, I will answer it one more time... I am due in just over two weeks and we are having another boy.  The last few weeks always bring out the stares and random questions from people who would not normally stop to inquire...People crack me up.  :)


Becs and the boys

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