Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Days of 30...

 kelly and I at her wedding almost 7 years ago!

Today marks a big milestone in my life... I am three decades old... Shoo, where did the time go?  I have two beautiful boys, and Bryant and I will celebrate our 4th year of marriage next week!  A good friend challenged me to celebrate 30 days of being 30 by doing something small, but special every day in the month of September... So here I go. (although my birthday is today, I started yesterday, so I can celebrate every day in September!)

Day 1: Stay in my pajamas until late in the day, for no good reason at all and top if off by (getting into normal clothes) and going to a great dinner in the Village on a beautiful night!

Yesterday, my cousin Kelly (who is visiting from Oregon) and I stayed in our pjs most of the day, and enjoyed every second of it!  No pictures of this day because well, we were in our pjs, but I promise to start cataloging the rest of my days as I continue on my adventures of 30 days of 30!  A side note about my great cousin Kelly, she is 9 months younger then me and we have grown up together, gone to college together, were in each others weddings and are having kids at the same time together... I just wish we lived closer to one another!  She has been there for several monumental birthdays, but one of my favorites so far, was 9 years ago when I turned 21 and she went sky diving with me!  Love that girl and her adventurous spirit and I love doing life with her... truly one of my bosom buddies!

Today has been great too, but I won't write about it until tomorrow in case something even more great happens before midnight! :-) 

An oldie, but goodie,


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