Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 8 of 30...Try something new!

Shoo.  I have been 30 for a week already!  Last night was our 4 year anniversary and I wish I could tell you it was incredibly romantic and we got a babysitter and got away, or even went to dinner... but, alas, we did no such thing...but, after such a crazy week/weekend we are still recovering and needed another night at home.  And it is hunting season in Colorado, which means, I am a hunting widow again.  I am praying hard that the hubster brings home some meat this weekend, and never, ever utters the words, "I could have shot a cow," in my presence ever again! :-)  Doesn't he know that cow meat tastes better then bull meat?  Killing a bull might provide a trophy in the form of horns and boost a man's ego, but since my husband is not a fan of hanging horns in his home, they should not be a factor in his decision of whether or not to shoot an animal in front of him or not.  Please hang on for a second while I step off my soap box.  I am so glad he is out stomping around the woods with his buddies. I really am.  It makes me smile to think about their conversations around the camp fire.  Last year Amy Jo and I snuck up to camp to drop off a warm apple pie when we knew they would all be out hunting and later found out that a fellow hunter and friend from Texas razzed Bryant and Trevor so bad and said, "The only thing worse then a woman in hunting camp is the man that brought her," as he shoved a piece of pie in his mouth.  Dudes. 

But, back to my 30 days of 30. Like I said, last night was our anniversary, and I wanted nothing more then to spoil my husband and say thanks for being such an incredible husband and father... and what better way to feed his soul then by feeding his stomach!  I made him chicken fried steak and mashers with fried okra and gravy...There was a lot of oil and butter involved.  My house still smells like hot oil.  It was my first attempt at chicken fried steak and it actually turned out really good.  So, my way of celebrating day 8 was by trying something new, a recipe that has always intimidated me, but wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. And my husband's Southern taste buds loved every bite of the food and he not only had seconds last night (my quality tester), but he ate the left overs for lunch today.  Success!

Until tomorrow!

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