Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 7 of 30... A Walk up the Road

Today started with a group of ladies and their kiddos coming over for pray and play.  It was great to have them here and the kids went nuts downstairs while we were able to hang out and enjoy each others company and pray for each other with little distraction.  That sure doesn't happen very often!

Brooks took a nice long nap and Caleb went down for part of it too, so I got to work on my Joshua & Co. project with some peace and quiet.

To celebrate day 7 of 30 today, the boys and I loaded the Chariot and walked up our road to the top just to soak in the view.  It was pretty amazing and we got to watch a storm come in over Snowmass Mountain.  Bryant even caught up with us in his truck on his way home.  It was a nice surprise.  On our way home, our walk was topped off by a gorgeous double rainbow.  An extra treat from God, like He was smiling down at us as we headed up the driveway...

On a side note, I want to share this so I don't forget it.  After Bryant put Brooks in his pj's tonight, he grabbed his toy tool box, came into the kitchen with his lips puckered for a mama kiss and said, "Bye! Love you!" and I said, "where are you going?"  He looks back as he is walking down the stairs toward the front door and as serious as a heart attack says, "work, mama."  Whoever told him he could grow up so fast needs a big spankin! 

Until tomorrow...

Becs & the boys

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