Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 6 of 30...Cherishing Our Time Together!

Day 6 was a very relaxing day.  We woke up to rain and fog, which is really rare for summer in Colorado, but the forecast is more of the same all week.  I welcome it, though.  After such a busy weekend I needed a low key day at home.

Kelly and I watched True Grit while the boys played in the play room, then Amy Jo came over and Kelly made delicious potato soup for a perfectly soupy day.  We all hung out for a few hours as Kelly packed to go home, and last night I took the Bucherts to the airport.

So, although there wasn't anything all that exciting about day 6, my special way of celebrating was just relaxing and making the most of the last few hours with Kelly and Ben's company.  It is especially hard to say good bye to both Kelly and Sarah.  They are two of my bosom buddies and neither of them live very close to my family anymore, so it is much harder to get together.  Kelly and Ben just moved to Pendleton, Oregon and Sarah and Josh moved to Kona last Spring. 

Today has been event filled, but nothing noteworthy yet... Maybe I will venture out on hike after Bryant gets home, or maybe I will go sit at a coffee shop and read the paper this evening.  I will let you know tomorrow!


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