Wednesday, December 3, 2008

20 Weeks Down...20 To Go

Today marks the unofficial start of my 21st week of pregnancy. It is unofficial because I have been given 2 due dates. Some websites say my change over day is Wednesday, some say it's Saturday. Either way, we are close enough.

As you may know, because I can't quit blogging and/or talking about it, our big ultra sound appointment is tomorrow at 2:00pm mountain time. I will have way more to discuss after that appointment, but until then, you can use this link to see what Baby Ragan is up to this week...What to Expect Week 20.

There is a lot of hiccupping and movement happening, and I can occasionally feel it now, which is nice and reassuring. It feels like a golf fishy is swimming around in my belly. It is wild! We listen to the heartbeat about 1x a week and it has consistently been around 150. Pretty even keeled like his/her daddio! :) This week, the little bug is the size of a cantalope!

My belly is growing a lot these days too. It is so wild to catch my reflection in a mirror or window. I am occasionally caught completely off guard by my siloutte. We have been bad about taking pictures, but I will try to get one up this week. People on the street are actually asking if I am pregnant now too, rather than just thinking I put on my winter blanket.

It seems like every day I hear about another woman who is pregnant that I or someone close to me knows.

Until tomorrow (unless I am inspired to write again today!:))



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ann said...

yeah, yeah, yeah!!! waiting eagerly for the big news!!!