Friday, December 5, 2008

Somersaults and Flip Flops

As you may know, I have had some issues feeling baby Ragan move. It was a little worrisome for me, especially when moms would ask, "You are 20 weeks and haven't felt him move?!" I couldn't definitively tell you I had, and therefore didn't want to fool myself into thinking a few gas bubbles were my munchkin exercising.

However, yesterday, when we had our ultrasound, not only did I see the bugger move on the screen, but I absolutely felt him move too! It was so amazing to associate the bubbly feeling in my belly with my baby. And now, all day today, I have recognized my little baby boy moving like crazy! What an amazing experience! I still can't believe I am carrying our baby and he is growing and thriving in my belly. Wow. I can't wait until Bryant is able to feel it on the outside so he can share in this. Baby is a mover and shaker. He must be having a lot of fun in there dancing to my Christmas music!



Coleson's Blog said...

so fun Becca! Boys (I hear with comparing to other mommies) are much more agressive and "movey" than girls....enjoy :) In one of the later term u/s I had with Coleson he was literally doing hand stands and and pushing off me. It was crazy. Pretty soon those will no longer be bubbles!!! It's amazing when you see your tummy moving and shaking...! *Terry felt from the outside at week maybe soon for Bryant!

Tara said...

I am so excited for you Becca. You are going to be an awesome mommy and will especially love having a little man around the house!