Thursday, December 18, 2008

Belly Pic Week 22

All is well in preggo land! I slept through the night again last night, and I feel great! Last night I was in bed reading with my hand on my belly. I pressed slightly into my stomach below my belly button and felt something really hard. At first it kind of scared me and then, I put my hand back and it was gone. That was the first time I have felt the actual body of our little man and not just his crazy dance moves! It was pretty cool!

My mom and dad arrive on Saturday and will stay through Christmas. We are so excited to see them and to spend Christmas at home in Aspen.

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Coleson's Blog said...

it's so cool/strange/eery to feel the body of the little one. I remember pushing Coleson side to side when I was lounging in the tub and he was off to one side. It's so amazing! I remember elbows and feet....I am glad you are feeling well despite the insomnia. No fun. I had that for the last few months mainly from reflux (terrible reflux) and took Ambien for quite some time. Sleep is needed for you-hope you get some! (and you look adorable!)