Monday, December 1, 2008

Only 3 More Sleeps...

The anticipation is killing us. We only have 3 more sleeps until our big ultrasound appointment. Not only is it exciting because we hope to find out the gender of our bambino, but we also get to find out if everything is healthy and normal up to this point. We haven't been to the doctor since October 19th, which seems like a lifetime ago, so reassurance will be awesome.

On another note, our friends, Jackie and Marc take their baby Alexa to Denver tomorrow for a big CTScan appointment on Wednesday. They found a tumor on her lung in utero and the doctors will measure whether it is still there, it has grown, or not changed at all. We are praying it has completely dissolved and won't require surgery on sweet little Alexa. She was born about 2 months early and is doing really well. Please keep her and her mom and dad in your prayers over the next couple of days.

Hopefully I will be spilling most exciting news on my next post both about our baby and baby Alexa... check back around 4:00pm mountain time on Thursday as our appointment is at 2:00pm.

Thank you for your prayers and support...WE ARE SO EXCITED!


Becca, Bryant and Big Sister Mali Burger

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